Welcome to our Shed!

The Fakenham Community Shed is being set up along the lines of the global Mens Shed movement.

We are currently a fledgling group with a small steering committee. Please join us to help develop our ideas further!

You may ask “What is a Community Shed?”

The Plan is, It will be a local place in Fakenham where everyone is welcome to come along to once or twice a week, to socialize, meet new people, even make friends, and also take part in activities like Woodwork, Crafts etc. In fact we hope to be able to provide many interest based activities, but the main aim is that we will be guided by you, the users.

It’s intended to give you a place to go where you will feel welcome. 

At this time the Community Shed is in the planning stages, but we intend to have at least one or (hopefully!) two buildings available, and are aiming to be positioned either in Fakenham or in the very near surrounding area.

There will be a yearly subscription to join the Shed, and possibly a weekly cost – this is yet to be decided on, but it will be a not for profit organisation so the cost will be low for local people.

Who are we?

We are a group of local people, all volunteers, who realise there is very little activity in Fakenham for people that may not have a large social circle, and  may spend a lot of time home alone and we all know what a negative effect that can have on our Mental Wellbeing. 

                               We would like to do something about that!!

We will need more people to become part of our group, it will be a Legal Entity once fully formed and will need more committee members, i.e Treasurer, Secretary Etc.

 We will also need more volunteers who would be able to help out at the Shed once open, to support the users.

We welcome suggestions from anyone who may have any good ideas to help us make this happen – everyone is welcome to contribute! We will be aiming to get financial support from local Companies, as well as applying for appropriate financial grants that are available for this type of organisation.

We will shortly be organising a couple of meetings, possibly at The Gallows in Fakenham. This will be for anyone with an interest in attending, or supporting us in any way – dates will be added as soon as they are confirmed.

Please like follow and share this page, you’ll be able to find us again and see progress updates as they happen. Thank you.